Get to know me

I’m not much different from many of you. I’m just a guy who’s been trying to figure out life for the past 20 years.

I didn’t grow up being athletic and I wasn’t the popular kid in school. In fact, I was pretty nerdy.  I liked to read a lot and was an introvert.  Those times I did put myself into social situations I was never fully comfortable. To this day, I still don’t fully feel at ease in social settings and around other people.

The one thing that I did do, and have continued to try to do to, is be true to who I believe that I am. That has been a powerful concept of identity and has helped me when I felt I had lost my identity and all that I thought my life was supposed to be.

Through the ups and downs, successes and failures. Through divorces, (yes you read the right, divorces, two before the age of 30), battling depression, struggling to find my place and my purpose in this life.

Learning to start over. Learning to let go of what I thought I wanted, to make space for what I needed. Learning that it’s okay to not be okay; to stop hiding behind masks and pretending that nothing ever got to me.

Mistake after mistake, I’m learning to accept each as merely learning opportunities.

I’m not going to pretend that I have it all figured out. Some days I still wonder what the hell I’m doing. But I keep pressing forward. And in those days where depression is overwhelming, I’m learning to love myself and grow from the experiences.

I keep myself open to the Universe and new possibilities and now I want to help you do the same.  If my story seems familiar or resonates with you, let’s talk.

I want to help you learn to trust yourself, to believe that you can do hard things. Winning is showing up and doing your best.  My purpose is to help you be your best and strongest-self possible, through structuring your workouts and nutrition and guiding you in finding balance in all things.


Brandon is a National Strength and Conditioning Certified Personal Trainer, holds a B.S. in Exercise Science and Nutrition and an M.S. in Sports Performance and Conditioning.

In addition to being a personal trainer and exercise specialist, he has also been teaching university courses in strength training, cross training and specialized exercise techniques for over 15 years.

 For many of those years, he has specialized in physique training and body transformations.

Brandon has been affiliated with since 2010 as a TEAM athlete.

Brandon’s goal as a trainer is to continually push the limits of his knowledge, finding new ways to challenge the human potential, to help those whom he serves.

He believes that achieving success is the product of hard work and dedication. This success starts by thinking of yourself as already having achieved your goals, then living a lifestyle that will culminate in the best version of you.

Brandon believes that health and happiness go hand in hand. Taking time for self-improvement is crucial in today’s busy world. Seek first to improve yourself before you seek to improve others.  Living the fit lifestyle is about more than just going to the gym, it is about embodying the principles of a healthy fit life in everything you do.

To slow things down a little and keep balance in life Brandon makes sure he spends plenty of quality time with his 2 Husky/Wolf dogs Kenzie and Gunnar..

Fun facts

  • B.S. Exercise Science/Nutrition

  • M.S. Sports Performance and Conditioning

  • TEAM Athlete

  • University Instructor

  • Worked with

  • Bearded axe thrower

  • Cookie connoisseur.

  • Dog lover.

After battling a life threatening illness as a teen, Brandon found himself in the weight room, eager to regain is strength. This began his love for bodybuilding, powerlifting, and all things fitness. “I was just the nerdy kid who picked up weights on day.” “And I’ve been blessed with amazing opportunities as a result.” He spent the next 20 years learning as much as he could about exercise science. Today, Brandon is devoted to helping others change their lives tough the power that comes with being physically strong and mentally fit.